Traffic Optimization

Traffic Optimization from NetMotion Software ensures that applications run smoothly, no matter where your mobile workers go.

Performance Anxiety?
We've Got You Covered.

Insulate applications from lost or dropped connections.

Stitch together disparate networks to form one broad coverage area so that your mobile workers transition seamlessly as they move across networks.

Relieve Network

Improve the speed and reliability of your workers’ business-critical applications at peak traffic time. Our traffic optimization software compresses data loads and allows you to give priority to real-time data streams—such as VoIP or video.

Communicate effectively even through weak or crowded network connections.

Less Data, More

Compress and accelerate mobile data for more network efficiency and better service delivery.

Unlike the corporate WLAN, metered carrier networks create a significant expense as mobile deployment sizes and data requirements increase.

NetMotion’s ability to optimize data on these networks equates to significant cost savings from less data sent and received.

NetMotion Traffic Optimization Moves Mobile Data Faster

Data Compression & Traffic Shaping

Reduce the amount of data that applications send so that business-critical apps can perform on slow networks.

Link-layer Optimizations

Improve TCP/IP protocol efficiency through automatic data bundling and packet size optimization on varying network conditions.

Seamless Roaming

Unite any combination of cellular, Wi-Fi and wired networks to enable workers to cross network boundaries without having to re-authenticate or restart applications or downloads.

Real Time Protocol Enhancements

Mitigate data packet loss with forward-error correction so that talk and video applications like Skype can run over weak networks.