Utility workers depend on mobile devices for work orders, geolocation, dispatch instructions, infrastructure data, and other essential information. Losing mobile connectivity causes job delays and rescheduling, and leaves workers idle while they’re on the clock.

Troubles with Troubleshooting

Difficult-to-diagnose problems with devices and connections require workers to bring their devices in from the field. These issues are hard to recreate and can result in lengthy trial-and-error troubleshooting for IT.

Visibility Shortfalls

Lack of visibility to connection problems and use of unsecure connections make it difficult to protect corporate assets, manage mobile-data expense and keep workers productive.

Repeat Log-ins

Lost connections require workers to constantly re-authenticate during their shift and re-enter lost data.

How NetMotion Helps

Mobile IQ

Receive detailed, real-time location information for individual devices showing signal quality and network connection to help your IT team troubleshoot issues remotely.


Build and deploy device and network tests to investigate mobile issues while your workers are in the field, and isolate the root cause of your users’ connectivity issues. With NetMotion, you can rely on one tool to locate and fix connectivity issues remotely.


Single sign-on technology grants seamless access for the entire workday, regardless of coverage conditions, dropped connections, or the number of networks used. Ensure technology doesn’t interfere with your workday with always-on technology that will will keep your team connected wherever they go.


Meet Mobile IQ, a powerful visualization, analytics, and alerting platform for mobile deployments.

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