Transportation & Logistics

Tracking goods and assets in motion requires real-time visibility, accurate GPS, and up-to-date inventory figures. Therefore, mobile supply chains demand strong connections to ensure the right stock is delivered efficiently.

Flight-turnaround Delays

Baggage handlers, service crews and other airport workers whose jobs take them inside and around airframes must exit the fuselage in order connect to networks, and access or enter data.

Runaway Connection Costs

Rail and trucking companies and others who need to track assets and cargo over vast distances use cellular bandwidth inefficiently, and cannot measure, understand and control their use and costs.

Hardware Overruns

Container terminals, warehouses, storage yards and other large facilities lack understanding of coverage patterns and reliability, and compensate by over-investing in redundant and unnecessary wireless hardware.

How NetMotion Helps


Improve application responsiveness in areas of weak connectivity. Deliver an “always-on” connectivity experience that helps field workers roam seamlessly between networks without calls dropping or applications crashing.

Performance Productivity

Set traffic-friendly policies to optimize data transmission over wireless networks. Assign large updates to only download over Wi-Fi networks, and ensure core applications are prioritized above all other traffic.

Cost Management

Receive custom notifications when data limits are reached, and get the visibility you need to set caps and control data usage before it runs over. Server software cost is also a one-time purchase, so adding capacity or redundancy is built-in and simple to initiate.


Meet Mobile IQ, a powerful visualization, analytics, and alerting platform for mobile deployments.

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