Mobile Performance

Empower your employees to be more productive (and less frustrated) via better mobile performance.

We ensure essential applications run smoothly, no matter where your workers go.

Accelerate and Compress Data to Ensure Performance

Our mobile traffic optimization software features improve the speed and reliability of your workers’ business-critical applications. We give priority to real-time data streams—such as VoIP or video—and help recover lost data on the fly, so these tools can be used effectively even on weak network connections.

Plus, compressing and accelerating data on metered networks can lead to significant cost savings, too.

“[Our workers] need reliable wireless connections and continuous, persistent access to data no matter where they are. With NetMotion we can ensure consistent performance—in and out of networks.”

– Larry Brown, Senior Systems Engineer, Amica Insurance

Ensure Reliable Connections No Matter What

Bad coverage

Holds data and sends when conditions improve so workers don’t see momentary drops.

Roaming between networks

Ensures one login at the start of their shift gets field workers through the whole day.

Congested locations

Keeps applications connected even when the network is overcrowded.

Shield Applications from Connection Issues

Our mobile traffic optimization software insulates your applications from lost or dropped connections, keeping them paused until network conditions improve. As a result, workers no longer need to re-open applications and re-enter data throughout their day.

We also enable steady connections as your workers roam between networks, so transitions are seamless and don’t impact productivity. Applications can seamlessly roam between networks based on bandwidth to ensure the best performance.

Cut Out Unnecessary Data Costs

The Internet came to be when most connections were wired and could carry more data, including excess information that’s about the data, and not the data itself. Cutting the unnecessary overhead delivers the same traffic more efficiently and effectively: not only speeding up the connections, but also saving you money.

Mobile Traffic Optimization Data Sheet