Our secure mobility solution keeps your sensitive information safe, no matter the network, via highly flexible and programmable controls.

Mobile VPN Security

We provide mobile security that protects workers without getting in their way.

Advanced Features for Sensitive and Regulated Industries

Two-factor authentication

Because two safeguards keep malicious intruders out better than one.


FIPS 140-2 AES and NSA
Suite B encryption help prevent your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.


In the event of a breach, we ensure your IT department can lock down the infected device to prevent spread.

Granular Security and Flexibility

Connections on public networks require different security policies than those on your corporate network. That’s why our policy-based security enables you to control and manage connections for specific applications or data flows, or for all applications and connections on a device. Geo-fencing capabilities provide location-based controls.

Safeguard Corporate Resources Against Unsecure Devices 

Devices without the proper safeguards should not have access to corporate resources. Our software allows you to build policies that ensure certain security tools such as an active firewall and updated antivirus are in place before granting access.

“The key to getting there was connecting technicians to our applications through a secure, reliable method. That’s the big piece of the problem that NetMotion solves for us.”

– Greg Otto, Senior Director, Infrastructure and Operations, Comcast

Device Protections Against Undesirable Traffic

We provide a firewall on each device to prevent unwanted or malicious traffic from entering, based on policies you specify. Centralized control means you can manage configurations for every user and device from a single interface.

Integration With IT Security Tools 

Our software supports integration with many popular security tools to help your staff identify and remediate threats, quickly and effectively.

Security Data Sheet