Security & Remote Access

Purpose-built for the demands of a modern workforce, our mobile enterprise VPN is connection and application-aware. It goes beyond just encrypting and routing traffic, it adapts to changing network conditions, optimizing application performance, and increasing data throughput.

Mobile VPN Security

The first mobile VPN to deliver Common Criteria Security Certification EAL 4+ Across All Major Operating Systems

Security Without Sacrificing Productivity

Doesn’t get in your way.

From single sign-on, NetMotion maintains always-on secure access to business-critical applications regardless of network.

Designed to meet stringent requirements.

Common Criteria EAL 4+, FIPS 140-2 AES and NSA Suite B encryption ensure critical applications and data are protected from falling into the wrong hands.

Flexible to evolve with your needs.

NetMotion’s highly programmable VPN supports split tunneling on a per-app, per-flow, or system-wide basis.

Safeguard Enterprise Resources

NetMotion implements a secure tunnel extending from the device to the control server inside the corporate data center or in the cloud, and maintains this tunnel regardless of the networks traversed. Since enterprise data transits the carrier’s infrastructure and the Internet, strong authentication and encryption protect and secure systems and data.

NetMotion’s Network Access Control detects the security status of the client and allows IT to define criteria and actions that control access to the corporate network.

Granular Security

Control application access by IP addresses, ports or other parameters, centrally maintained as policies at the server and distributed to devices in the field. NetMotion creates a distributed firewall spanning all enterprise devices.

NetMotion can also enforce location-based security, by geo-fencing based on port number, IP address or application in use. Allow access to corporate resources only while the user is within bounds of a headquarters building, corporate campus or other authorized areas.

“The key to getting there was connecting technicians to our applications through a secure, reliable method. That’s the big piece of the problem that NetMotion solves for us.”

– Greg Otto, Senior Director, Infrastructure and Operations, Comcast

Security Data Sheet