Security & Remote Access

The NetMotion Mobility® VPN does far more than protect corporate data with an encrypted tunnel. Highly granular security controls allow IT to secure connections for specific applications or data flows, or for all applications and connections on the device. Flexible policies, single-on and always-on connectivity allow IT to tightly restrict access and enforce appropriate mobile security without making it burdensome for mobile workers.

The first mobile VPN to deliver Common Criteria Security Certification EAL 4+ across all major operating systems.

Mobile Security Without Sacrificing Productivity

Doesn’t get in the way

From single sign-on, NetMotion maintains always-on secure access to business-critical applications regardless of network. Workers only need one set of login credentials, at the start of each shift, and NetMotion handles all subsequent logins as they access various networks.

Security for sensitive and regulated industries

Some industries require multi-factor authentication beyond simple user/password logins, or stringent standards for encryption strength. NetMotion Mobility® is the first mobile VPN to deliver Common Criteria Security Certification EAL 4+ across all major operating systems.

Guarding against unsecured devices

Unsecure devices allowed to access corporate resources are a threat. The Mobility client is able to verify that certain security procedures such as an active firewall and updated antivirus are in place before allowing a device to access corporate networks, servers and data.

Distributed firewall

NetMotion creates a distributed firewall in the field that protects corporate assets. Centralized control allows IT to push the firewall configurations out to each device in the field, from a single console.

Integration with IT security tools

Mobile Performance Management software supports integration with popular SIEM and other security tools that identify and allow security personnel to remediate threats.

Greater visibility to potential vulnerabilities

With NetMotion Mobile IQ®, know when devices are connecting to unsecure hotspots, or applications are sending data to unknown servers or domains.

Highly flexible and programmable

Security through a highly flexible and programmable VPN supports split tunneling on a per-app or per-flow basis. Alternatively, device-wide lockdown requires all traffic to route through the VPN to reach the enterprise network.

Purpose-built for mobility

NetMotion implements a secure tunnel that extends from the device to the control server inside the corporate data center or in the cloud, and maintains this tunnel regardless of the number of networks traversed.

Location-based security

Geo-fencing enforces location-based security, alone or in conjunction with other parameters. For example, policies can allow access to corporate resources only while the user is within bounds of a headquarters building, or corporate campus.


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