Mobile Network Visibility

Organizations are increasingly dependent on mobile networks to deliver their critical line-of-business applications. However, these enterprises typically have zero visibility into how those networks perform and the impact of network quality on application performance. But thanks to its unique architecture, NetMotion Software can provide true mobile network visibility into the networks that an organization neither owns nor controls.

Now, you see it.

A true picture of mobile network performance and device behavior.

With data drawn from the devices themselves.

Why Mobile Network Visibility?

Skip the Hold Music

Reduce helpdesk wait times by quickly identifying the root cause of connectivity issues for mobile workers. Receive alerts via email, SNMP, or syslog so that you can detect mobile issues before they become critical, and keep your workers up and running.

Analytics Made Easy

Get the information you need fast from a set of pre-configured reports. Apply filters to drill down into user, device, and application level data for a more granular understanding of your mobile deployment.

Unlock Data for Everyone

Whether you’re an executive, IT manager, or sales support, you have a set of tools tailored to your unique mobility questions and can receive real-time dashboards and collect insights to help you make smarter mobility decisions.

Turn Insights Into Action

Leverage the data-collection power of mobile devices

NetMotion Mobility® and NetMotion Diagnostics® clients gather an extraordinary amount of useful data about how mobile devices and applications — Windows, iOS or Android — access and use networks, both public and private. Combined with location data, this information creates an extremely accurate, real-time picture of mobile operations for guiding decisions and strategies.

A real-time picture of network conditions and usage

Gain an accurate picture of coverage drawn from near-real-time location data and statistics gathered by devices in the field, including network conditions and the connections and consumption of bandwidth by users, devices and applications. Knowing when expensive cellular data is over- or under-consumed allows IT to adjust policies to support more productive use of the devices and right-size the investment in connectivity.

Specific troubleshooting and root cause analysis information

It is often difficult to tell whether apparent connection problems are caused by the networks in use, applications or device hardware. Enabling IT with the ability to do comprehensive, in-field diagnosis based on real-time data from the devices means IT can identify the root cause of the problem quickly, without relying on workers to run tests and answer questions. This translates into more productive mobile workers and IT staff.

Visibility through NetMotion products and third-party tools

NetMotion provides two products that leverage data-collection directly from the device. NetMotion Diagnostics® focuses on troubleshooting connectivity problems, while NetMotion Mobile IQ® delivers operational insights through dashboards and visualizations. In addition, real-time integration with SIEM and BI analysis tools allows you to integrate mobile-device data into your overall IT monitoring, management and reporting infrastructure.


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