Mobile Network Diagnostics Software

Our diagnostics software defines a new level of support, visibility and operational intelligence for managing your mobile workforce. Know what mobile workers are experiencing on any network whether behind or beyond the firewall.

Reduce mean time to resolve technical problems occurring in the field.

World’s First Mobile Intelligence and Analytics Solution

Traditional network management and diagnostics software were designed for networks and devices operating behind the firewall. Today’s mobile employees spend more time working outside the corporate firewall than they do behind it, making it exceptionally difficult for IT staff to monitor and manage connection security and reliability

When mobile workers encounter issues they must rely on IT, the carrier, or their own technical abilities to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. Without a single solution, they are forced to use a variety of tools and people. This method is frustrating, extremely time consuming, and offers no guaranteed resolution.

Also, conventional tools don’t provide the level of data analysis you need to make well-informed decisions about your mobile deployment. Managers who make decisions about supporting, expanding, and fully evaluating the value of a mobile deployment require real-time visibility into performance – including issues, network and device usage and coverage.

“The support guys have full visibility to what the client and users are doing. For IT, it’s easy to maintain and patch, it’s resilient and we can increase the capacity in no time at all.”

– Martin Day, Technical Lead, Yorkshire Water

A Purpose-Built Solution

True Mobile Application Persistance

Mobile Big Data: Capture and report on constantly updating, real-time data on your mobile deployment for an accurate picture of what your workers experience and how their technology performs. Then export for improved visualization and analysis into SIEM and BI tools.

Diagnostics: Analyze every data hop to determine whether issues are caused by the device, network or applications, including portions that are in the cloud. For customers with NetMotion Mobility, trigger Diagnostics automatically through Policy Management.

Performance Analytics and Diagnostics Software
Centralized VPN Management Console

Centralized Management Console: A browser-based console that provides visibility into connected devices, networks used, location and detailed reporting of up to-the-minute actionable data.

Network Visibility: Monitor, track, and diagnose problems across multiple networks – including LTE/WWAN, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Capture information on connections, usage, location, signal strength, carrier, and inventory.

Network Diagnostic Software

Multi-Platform Support: Capture background data such as location, network connectivity and user experience information on both WWAN and Wi-Fi networks across multiple mobile platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Wi-Fi Networks: Collect data on the networks (SSID), access points (BSSID), bytes received and transmitted, connection failures, authentication methods and security ciphers to understand geographical network and access point usage, identify insecure networks, and detect rogue access points.

Benefits of NetMotion Mobile Diagnostics Software

Improve User Experience

Utilize real data from your mobile workers to better select, design, implement and support them. With real-time updates, know exactly what your workers are experiencing, so you can improve it.

Faster Mobile Resolution

Eliminate unnecessary calls and frustration – with a single click, isolate and resolve the root cause of your users’ connectivity issues and get them back to work faster.

Smarter Management

Make better and faster decisions about your mobile enterprise resources, including how they access and make use of public and private networks, applications, and locations.

Mobile Diagnostics Data Sheet