Medical centers, hospitals and home-health agencies are taking advantage of mobile devices to access electronic health records at the point of care.

Lost Patient-care Time

Signal-blocking obstructions in medical facilities or spotty cellular coverage in rural areas make connections unreliable, forcing staff to spend time troubleshooting wireless connections and cutting into time they would devote to caring for patients.

Unsecure Access

Healthcare workers use public Wi-Fi or connect to unauthorized hotspots, presenting a huge risk to patient privacy and exposing the organization to potential data breaches.

Connection Complications

A mix of organization-owned and personally owned devices, comprising multiple mobile platforms connecting via various wireless networks, make it difficult to manage and control access, network use and security.

How NetMotion Helps


Fully manage corporate network access so that it supports your workforce and keeps your corporate assets secure. Ensure connectivity through network roaming and spotty coverage, and prioritize users, devices, and applications so your staff has access to the records they need.

Security & Remote Access

Manage security parameters per-app, per-container, or device-wide. Restrict enterprise network access until a device is scanned for security compliance and remotely quarantine non-compliant devices to safeguard your network. Protect corporate assets and users even on networks you don’t own.


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