Field Service

Mobile service technicians spend their workday in the field. They rely on mobile connections for dispatch instructions, work orders, service information, and other data they need to complete jobs efficiently. This means that when connections aren’t up to the task, they lose time, productivity suffers and frustration mounts.

Connection Struggles

Workers must perform repeat, multiple logins to re-establish lost connections and switch between cellular data connections or internal Wi-Fi hotspots.

Troubleshooting Woes

Difficult-to-diagnose problems with mobile devices and connections require workers to bring their devices in from the field for service. Issues can be difficult to replicate, and require lengthy trial-and-error troubleshooting for IT.

Skyrocketing Data Costs

Runaway use of cellular bandwidth is impossible to monitor and control because workers are out in the field, leaving IT with no visibility to how users, devices and applications are consuming data.

How NetMotion Helps


Single sign-on technology grants seamless access for the entire workday, regardless of coverage conditions, dropped connections, or the number of networks used.

Mobile IQ

Receive detailed, real-time location information for individual devices showing signal quality and network connection to help your IT team remotely diagnose device connectivity issues.


Track user behavior, data consumption, and write policies to prevent bandwidth intensive applications from operating while workers are roaming and cap heavy data usage.


Meet Mobile IQ, a powerful visualization, analytics, and alerting platform for mobile deployments.

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