Data Management & Cost Control

NetMotion Software provides intelligent mobile data management across the entire mobile landscape. Using the platform, enterprises can create dynamic policies to control data consumption, regulate overall data usage, and manage employee access to applications and resources.


Understand which apps are used and how much data consumed.


Ensure security and regulatory governance standards to granular details, including which countries mobile traffic is going to.

Cost Savings

Control app usage, create alerts for overages and compress data traffic.

Mobile Data Management

Visibility Over 100% of Mobile Traffic

See all data consumption by app, device and user. Know which Wi-Fi and cellular networks your employees use and get proactive alerts when data thresholds are reached.

Dynamic Policies to Control Data Consumption & Cost

NetMotion’s comprehensive policies let IT control data usage and cost by app, device, network, user or location.


Monitor app and data flows and see traffic destination by country or network. Use geofence policy controls to protect data and ensure standards and governance requirements are met.

Reduced Data Consumption

NetMotion’s compression algorithms reduce data by 30% or more. In particular, voice- and video-over-IP become resilient and usable even in poor network conditions.

Customizable Data Control

NetMotion enables an unprecedented ability to configure and manage data access and consumption, from data visualization dashboards to dynamic real-time policies to control user experience.

Comprehensive Platform Support

Comprehensive support for smartphones, tablets, and laptops (Windows, iOS, Android and MacOS).


Cost Management meet Mobile IQ, a powerful visualization, analytics and alerting platform to keep mobile data usage in check.

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