Adaptive Policies

Fine tune your mobile user experience with intelligent controls.

We ensure mobile devices speed workers, not slow them.

The Right Policy for the Job—Every Time

Our solution lets you customize the mobile users’ experience for peak performance. Prioritize application access based on network, situation and location parameters. Policies are network aware and adapt to the ever changing working and networking conditions of mobile users.

Prevent Application Performance Problems

Applications not designed for intermittent or low bandwidth networks can slow the performance of a device, making it unusable for periods of time and slowing productivity. Policies can control access of these applications to prevent users from inadvertently crippling their device.

Lower the Burden of Bandwidth-Intensive Applications

Some applications, updates or patches can consume large amounts of data and should be executed only on non-metered networks that don’t incur data charges.

Our policy features give you the ability to block individual applications, allow their access only on specific networks or under specific conditions, or restrict specific types of data flows to ensure performance on low-bandwidth networks.

“Before we had [NetMotion’s] Policy Management module we had to come up with some pretty creative programming to keep officers in the field from logging on to the Internet.”

– David Kaicke Microcomputer Engineer City of Orlando, Florida

Control Personal Application Use

Certain times of day

Certain locations

Non-metered networks

Adaptive Policies Data Sheet