Software Defined Mobility

NetMotion's patented software defined mobility architecture provides visibility and control into how mobile networks are accessed and used, allowing IT to reproduce the reliability of a wired enterprise within a mobile environment.

Built for the
Challenges of Mobile

Mobile organizations rely on networks outside of their control. From cellular data networks to public hotspots and home Wi-Fi, Software Defined Mobility (SDM) enables IT teams to control device performance, reliability and security.

SDM stitches together disparate networks, creating a single virtual network with a common point of control. This way, IT can ensure reliable application delivery across unpredictable connections.

Features for the Next Generation

Connection Assurance

Maintain a continuous VPN tunnel regardless of coverage gaps, device suspend-and-resume cycles, and network roaming.

Network Visibility

Stay aware with detailed performance metrics of third-party wireless networks, as well as device usage and bandwidth consumption.

Policy Control

Control the mobile user experience based on the type of connection, user location, device type, bandwidth usage and other parameters.

Traffic Optimization

Improve the performance of real-time applications, such as video streaming, with data compression technology. SDM bridges connection gaps and ensures data packet delivery.

Cross-Platform Solution

Defend against threats with a secure tunnel protected by FIPS 140-2 certified AES or NSA Suite B encryption. SDM also supports token-based two-factor authentication.

BYOD Flexibility

Keep it simple with a centralized management console that enables your IT team to easily roll-out software updates, or quarantine lost or stolen devices.

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Adaptive Policies

Fine-tune your mobile experience with prioritization and access controls.

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Traffic Optimization

Ensure applications and resources are optimized for weak coverage, intermittent connectivity and network roaming.

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Performance Analytics and Diagnostic

Leverage constantly-updated, actionable analytics on devices, applications and networks.

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Create and enforce flexible security policies to secure access to applications and resources.

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Lightweight Client on
Mobile Device

  • Optimizes the server connection over wireless networks
  • Gathers information about device and connection use, and initiates diagnostic tests
  • Executes mobile policies that enhance security and network speeds
  • Manages authentication and encryption processes


  • Manages application traffic through roaming and disconnects so application sessions pause-and-resume
  • Passes policies and configurations to devices in the field
  • Coordinates with device client to authenticate users and maintain the secure tunnel
  • Supports diverse computing environments: physical or virtual, on-premises, or in-cloud