Software-Defined Mobility

Improve the end-user experience and empower IT with a Software-Defined
Mobility (SDM) platform for mobile enterprise management.

Over 3,500 organizations rely on NetMotion for a seamless mobile experience.

How We Keep Mobile Businesses Moving

We provide organizations that depend on mobile applications with a flexible, software-defined platform to manage, accelerate, optimize and secure all mobile device traffic, across any network, application or operating system.

Which means you can say goodbye to the constant interruptions that cripple operational and end-user productivity. And say hello to a better mobile experience—for field workers and IT administrators alike.


Take Control of Your Connectivity

Today’s reality is that mobile businesses often rely on networks outside of their administrative reach.

To ensure full command of your mobile devices, Software-Defined Mobility gives IT an unprecedented degree of control over performance, reliability and security—even on networks you don’t own.

SDM is a straightforward way to stitch together disparate networks. By creating a single virtual network with a common point of control, NetMotion helps ensure reliable application delivery over unpredictable connections.

How Software-Defined Mobility Works

Lightweight client on each mobile device

  • Ensures an optimized connection to the server
  • Enables mobile network visibility and simplifies troubleshooting for your IT department
  • Executes policies and forwards traffic to the server
  • Enforces security rules and manages authentication and encryption processes

Data center

  • Buffers enterprise applications during roaming and connectivity issues
  • Brokers configurations and policies via built-in controller
  • Bolsters security by coordinating with device client to authenticate users and maintain secure tunnel
  • Boasts integrated compatibility for almost any type of server: cloud, on-premises, virtual, hybrid and more

Software-Defined Mobility means that your workers—and their applications—stay connected as they move around the world.

How Your Business Benefits

Thousands of enterprises around the world depend on NetMotion’s software—and our customers realize their time-to-value in days, not months.

Recouping productive hours for mobile
workers and IT that were previously
lost to connectivity issues

Reducing operational expenses,
data usage and overages

Lowering the frequency and
accelerating the resolution
of help desk tickets

Technology Built for the Mobile World

The whole world’s going mobile: over half of global enterprises foresee an expansion in their mobile workforce by 2018. That means solving the challenges of connecting workforces remotely is more important than ever, and only getting more critical.

Software-Defined Mobility is the only solution proven to deliver the performance, control and security that make remote work seamless and productive. It’s built from the ground up to help your business succeed in today’s always-moving world.

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