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Download the latest NetMotion data sheets to explore product improvements and other changes to our suite of mobile performance management software.


NetMotion Reputation deliver rich usage and security insights on millions of domains, apps, and IP addresses.

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What’s New in Mobile IQ 2.5

Mobile IQ v2(5) delivers localized support for the Japanese market, introduces five new dashboards, and provides enhancements to several existing dashboards.

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What’s New in Mobility 11.7

NetMotion Mobility v11(70) adds the powerful new NetMotion Reputation service, improves Android naming and configuration, and improves Active Directory and Azure AD authentication support.

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NetMotion Policy Management Module

NetMotion’s Policy Management Module enables IT teams to detect and enforce mobile device behavior remotely with a set of parameters that can be pushed out through a single management console.

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NetMotion Mobility®

NetMotion Mobility® is an intelligent solution that secures connections and data while enhancing and optimizing network connectivity.

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NetMotion Mobile IQ®

Designed for IT and Security Operations teams, NetMotion Mobile IQ® transforms data into actionable insights using powerful, customizable dashboards.

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NetMotion Security

Using NetMotion’s Mobile Performance Management, IT administrators can successfully execute a highly flexible and programmable mobile security strategy.

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NetMotion Diagnostics®

NetMotion Diagnostics® gives IT teams real-time visibility and operational intelligence to productively manage, support and understand mobile technologies.

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NetMotion Adaptive Policies

Adaptive Policies give IT the ability to fine tune the mobile user experience across applications, devices and networks while controlling costs.

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