Mobility VPN

Our software delivers a mobile VPN solution that’s purpose-built to keep your mobile workers connected and productive while ensuring security and streamlining management. No matter where they are.

Mobile VPN Security

Our intelligent VPN helps your mobile workforce get more done.

“NetMotion enables our field workers to complete more maintenance items and more jobs, helping us better serve our members.”

– Harold Critcher, IT Administrator, 4-County Electric Power Association

Because Traditional VPNs Aren’t Built for Mobile Needs

Conventional VPNs were designed for stationary devices with strong static connections—not the constant dead spots and network switchovers encountered by mobile workers like yours.

When conventional VPNs encounter such issues, their network tunnel is interrupted, leading to application disconnects, session timeouts or device crashes. All of which frustrate users and prevent them from getting work done.

To keep technology from interfering in your employees’ workdays, we offer a VPN solution that’s purpose built for mobile IT.

What Makes It Well Suited for Mobile?

True Mobile Application Persistance

True Application Persistence: The ability to sustain application sessions through suspend-and-resume cycles, connectivity losses and network switchovers

Standards-Based Security: Support for two-factor authentication, device authentication, FIPS 140-2 AES encryption, NSA Suite B encryption and the ability to quarantine remote devices

Mobile VPN Security
Centralized VPN Management Console

Centralized Management Console: A browser-based console that provides visibility into connected devices and detailed reporting

Wireless Performance Optimization: The ability to automatically reduce network consumption and improve throughput and application responsiveness, particularly over metered networks

Diagnostics: Capability to analyze every data hop to determine whether issues are caused by the device, network or applications, including portions that are in the cloud

Benefits of Mobile VPN

Ensure Access

Deliver a resilient, “always-on” connectivity experience that exceeds user expectations.

Diagnose Problems

Pinpoint and resolve the root cause of your users’ connectivity issues and get them back to work faster.

Optimize Experience

Take control over network access and enterprise resources to give users a streamlined mobile experience.

NetMotion Mobility VPN Data Sheet

Mobile VPN Data Sheet