NetMotion Mobility®

Today’s enterprises are highly dependent on mobile networks for access to critical applications. But network performance directly impacts application performance, leading to skyrocketing helpdesk costs. NetMotion Mobility® mobile VPN software maintains resilient, reliable connections and optimizes performance through the most challenging wireless-network conditions. The result? Seamless use of mobile networks and applications for mobile workers, and better experiences for the customers they serve.

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We Know Mobile

Network conditions causing performance issues with critical applications? NetMotion Mobility makes technology do what mobile workers expect it to do. Work.

A Mobile VPN. But That’s Just the Beginning.

Security to the Highest Cryptographic Standards.

Because NetMotion Mobility is fundamentally a VPN built on a unique architecture, it allows organizations to cut bandwidth costs, optimize connection use, deliver a seamless user experience, and much, much more.

Always Connected. Always Reliable. Always There.

From a single sign-on at device power-up, NetMotion Mobility maintains always-on access to business-critical applications even when wireless signals are weak or non-existent. And it automatically switches to the best-available authorized connection.

Complete IT Control, Inside and Outside the Firewall.

From the device to the server, a unique architecture gives IT control of the entire connection from endpoint to endpoint, regardless of the networks used. That means unprecedented visibility and control, even over networks your organization doesn’t own.

Transforming Mobile Access

NetMotion Mobility transforms mobile access for both mobile users and the IT support team that manages and supports them. Mobility insulates applications from the instabilities in networks enabling them to roam seamlessly between Wi-Fi and mobile operator networks without user intervention for “always-on” connectivity.

Wireless Performance Optimization

NetMotion adds a layer of intelligence that is situationally aware of the connections, devices and applications that a worker is using at any moment. It adjusts for the ever-changing network conditions to ensure mobile workers always get the best user experience from their mobile devices and applications.

“NetMotion enables our field workers to complete more maintenance items and more jobs, helping us better serve our members.”

Harold Critcher
IT Administrator, 4-County Electric Power Association

Can your current mobile VPN software do all this?

  • Connection resilience
  • Automated logins
  • Data compression
  • Performance optimizations
  • Granular policy enforcement
  • Third-party tool integration
  • Automated inventory
  • Network access control
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Centralized control console
  • MDM/EMM integration
  • Network performance analytics


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