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Gain visibility on networks, applications, devices and more through NetMotion Mobile IQ® and its customizable dashboards. With the increasing dependence on mobile networks, IT teams that manage enterprise mobility deployments must understand how performance, data costs and security threats impact the organization's ability to serve customers.

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Turn Data Into Insights

Mobile IQ digests all the data generated from your NetMotion-enabled devices so that you can know more about your mobile deployment. Access real-time analytics and receive alerts on mobile connectivity, security, performance and user behavior to make faster, more informed decisions that will steer your mobile strategy.

Map Your Enterprise Mobility

Visualize trends through dashboards and reports tailored for your mobile workforce. Track networks, users, devices and applications so that you know when and where your remote team is experiencing issues. Custom-built alerts, queries and visualizations will provide a complete picture of your mobile deployment and it’s needs.

Mobile IQ gives the enterprise unprecedented visibility to operations on mobile networks outside the corporate firewall.


Network Health
Evaluate the continuity of connectivity over cellular and Wi-Fi networks, pinpoint users and devices having problems, and uncover the reasons for connection failures.

Network Bandwidth
Apply statistical analysis of network throughput to reveal which carrier networks perform the best, and whether underlying problems are related to the network, device or device configuration.

Cellular Bandwidth by Cell Tower ID
Detect cell towers that underperform or show variable performance, so you can instruct workers to switch to alternate connections and provide information for carriers to rectify the problem.

Wi-Fi Bandwidth
Analyze actual throughput of Wi-Fi networks used by mobile workers and ascertain whether individual access points are performing poorly, for moving, replacing or adding access points to improve coverage.

Ethernet Bandwidth
Identify problems with workers who connect over wired home networks, or those who spend most of their time in the office so their mobile equipment can be repurposed.

Network and Connection Failures
Understand the how, what, where, when and why of lost connections or inability to connect, and whether the root cause is the network, device or application to speed help desk resolution.

Cost Control

Network Usage
Evaluate mobile use of carrier, Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks, by user, device and interface type, revealing which mobile platforms and users consume the most data and over which networks.

Cellular Network Usage
Track use of cellular data by devices, users and carriers, investigate details of data-plan use, control plan costs, and understand decreases and increases for budgeting.

Wi-Fi Network Usage
Visualize use of public and private Wi-Fi networks and the devices, users or access points that transmit the most data.

High Application Usage
Monitor data use by device, user, application, domain or IP address to identify applications or destinations that are overconsuming bandwidth and should be blocked, where policy adjustments could avoid overages, or user experience would benefit from policy adjustments.

Low Application Usage
Uncover whether essential applications aren’t being used, underused devices aren’t being used as intended, or underused data plans could be re-tiered, cancelled or consolidated by assigning new users to the devices.

Mobility and Diagnostics Impact
Track the savings from disruptions and security threats avoided, productive time saved, issues mitigated, and carrier data reduced through use of NetMotion Mobility® and NetMotion Diagnostics®.

Visualize and Understand Your Mobile Operations

Mobile IQ dashboards reveal broad measures and visualizations of enterprise mobility performance. From here, drill-down capability allows NOC, operations and security teams to investigate issues with classes of devices, carriers, networks, applications or access points, and isolate comprehensive details specific to individual users or devices. The underlying data is time and location-stamped, for interrogating what happened during specific time windows and mapping where events or issues occurred.


Catalog the devices running a NetMotion client and which version, as well as users, operating systems, phone numbers and other essentials for tracking rollouts and planning needed upgrades.

Inspect inventory from a user perspective including the different devices assigned and when they were last used, allowing unused devices to be re-deployed.

Device Locator
Map the last-reported location of devices during a specified time period, for identifying devices being used outside of the user’s assigned territory, or pinpointing the most likely location for a device reported lost or stolen.

Cellular Adapter Status
Determine which devices do not have an active cellular adapter, or one or more adapters that are not correctly configured.

Threat Defense

Realtime Traffic Audit
Know where client network traffic originates and where it goes by city, state, country, IP address or domains, revealing possible malicious applications or risky employee behavior.

Application Session Audit
Tap into a rich environment for detecting rogue applications or compromised devices that might be exfiltrating data, by tracking application sessions in terms of device, user, geographic destination, fully qualified domain name, destination IP and data volume.

VPN Audit / VPN Status
Spot devices and users that connect without a VPN (from NetMotion and others), using unsecured connections that might give bad actors an opening, so you can change policies or device configurations to mitigate the risks.

Wi-Fi Security Audit
Discover when and where users connect to insecure Wi-Fi access points so you can enforce VPN use, reconfigure corporate access points, or revise policies.


Meet Mobile IQ, a powerful visualization, analytics and alerting platform for mobile deployments.

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