Mobile IQ®

Intelligent data visualization dashboards that enable your team to make fast operational decisions, detect security threats, and support mobile workers on any Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Visualizations for networks, users, devices and applications inside and outside the corporate firewall

Turn Data Into Insights

Mobile IQ digests previously untapped Big Data from all NetMotion-enabled devices so that you can know more about your mobile deployment. Access real-time analytics and receive alerts on mobile connectivity, security, performance, and behavior in order to make faster, more informed decisions that improve user experience.

Visualize trends through custom dashboards and reports tailored for mobile workforces. Track networks, users, devices, and applications inside and outside the corporate firewall. Custom-built alerts, queries and dashboards can also tackle your individualized operational needs.

“Mobile IQ is purpose-built to drill down into the rich data previously unavailable within mobile devices to finally visualize real-time information and insights needed to make smart operational decisions.”

– Christopher Kenessey, CEO NetMotion

Map Your Mobile Deployment

True Mobile Application Persistance

Mobile Operations Dashboard:

Track the connectivity and security status of your mobile deployment including top data consumers, negative trends, potential threats, and user location.

Device Health Monitoring:

Analyze security and data usage by carrier and other metrics. Follow your mobile devices and identify common root causes for connectivity failure. Drill down on the map to find problem devices, users and locations.

Wi-Fi Security Dashboards:

Access an overview of connected devices, unsecure data traffic, and W-Fi networks experiencing performance problems.

WWAN Dashboards:

Catalog and track connection failures by carrier to identify troublesome users, devices and networks and spot and respond to attack patterns or security breaches. Access carrier-grade visibility into the network beyond the firewall.

Mobile IQ Data Sheet