Immediately detect threats, and troubleshoot connectivity remotely with data-driven mobile diagnostic technology.

Keep Your Field Team in the Field When Their Device is Down

Solve Mobile Issues Faster

Connect your IT team to what’s going on in the field. With real-time updates, you can know exactly what your workers are experiencing, so you can improve it. You’ll also have access to the data you need to make well-informed decisions about your mobile deployment.

Eliminate unnecessary calls and frustration – with a single click, isolate and resolve the root cause of your users’ connectivity issues and get them back to work faster. With Diagnostics, you only have to rely on one tool to locate and fix connectivity issues remotely.

““[We] know who the technicians are, where they are, what they’re doing, and whether and how often they’re connected.”

– Martin Day, Technical Lead, Yorkshire Water

Get a Clearer Picture

Root-Cause Analysis:

Remotely build and deploy device and network tests to troubleshoot mobile issues while your workers are on-the-go. Quickly isolate and resolve the root cause of your users’ connectivity issues.

Device Monitoring:

Receive detailed, real-time location information for individual devices showing signal quality and network connection

Coverage Maps:

Get an accurate read on signal quality and location data that details network performance by wireless carrier

Network Performance Analytics
Networks Usage Metrics

Usage Analytics:

Collect information on device, network, and application activity that can inform secure user policies.

Diagnostics Data Sheet

Diagnostics Data Sheet