U.S. Foods

U.S. Foods employs approximately 5,000 territory managers, whom regularly meet with the company’s 250,000 customers to build and submit kitchen restocking orders via mobile devices.


Because of spotty connectivity and a limited, traditional VPN solution, the ordering process was plagued by constant disconnections and restarts, frustrating territory managers and customers alike. This led many managers to stop work at 4 p.m., head home to more reliable connectivity and place orders before the 5 p.m. deadline—costing US Foods many valuable productive hours.

Because updates and patches were only executed during monthly in-office sales meetings, IT issues often went unsolved for long periods of time.

“NetMotion helped us recoup 1.1 million productive hours—and save $800,000 on printed materials and distribution.”

Daniel Corcoran, Manager of Client Services, US Foods

Key Challenges

Momentary disconnects could derail customer order-placing meetings, leading to frustration and wasted times as territory managers logged back in.

Territory managers needed to spend time re-logging in as they moved between Wi-Fi networks and cellular networks, and as their device cycled through sleep and active modes.

Updates and patches were administered only during monthly sales meetings, leading to long delays for issue resolution.

Ensuring critical applications have the bandwidth they need during business hours.

The Results

By implementing NetMotion, US Foods has enabled its salesforce to reliably place orders throughout the workday, with no interruptions or restarts during customer meetings.

Reliable access directly from customer sites gives each manager an extra hour per day to spend in the field—a total of 1.1 million more hours of productive selling time with customers.

Plus, by enabling remote updates and bandwidth-management policies, the US Foods IT department is able to both ensure an up-to-date experience for its users and ensure that business-critical applications are given priority bandwidth.

An additional benefit: Leveraging the enhanced mobile performance, US Foods is able to more efficiently distribute promotional, marketing and training materials. With no need to print or ship anything, the company saves $800,000 annually.