Enterprise VPN

With many workers moving away from the typical desktop environment, achieving seamless mobility has become an expectation. That leaves IT teams struggling to simplify the technology environment, while serving increasingly mobile workers. Organizations are discovering that enterprise remote access with NetMotion Mobility® ideally serves all their mobile workers — whether their job has them in the field all day, occasionally mobile, or working from home.

Hardware-based VPNs built into edge devices aren’t up to the task of providing secure, reliable connectivity for mobile workers. True enterprise remote access is a job for NetMotion Mobility®.

The VPN for All Workers

Hardware-based VPNs are often bundled with firewalls, routers or other edge devices. These are designed for securing fixed, point-to-point connections or for remote access where the user logs into the corporate network, does the task and then logs off. They aren’t up to challenge of serving enterprises where workers want always-on access to information anytime, anywhere.

NetMotion for Cost Savings

Rein In Increasing Helpdesk Costs

A single sign-on provides a reliable connection that lasts all day. But when issues arise, NetMotion Diagnostics® automatically determines the root cause of connection problems, to bypass iterative troubleshooting and get workers back on the job and serving customers right away.

Control Exploding Mobile Data Costs

Intelligent compression reduces data use for text files and images and reduces unnecessary network protocol overhead. Policy controls dynamically adapt compression settings to the network, and restrict data use on slower or more expensive networks. Devices gather and report usage statistics for data-plan management.

Scale Up Without Breaking the Bank

With hardware-based VPNs, capacity depends on user count and the other loads on the device, so scaling up can require buying additional units or expensive upgrades. With server-based Mobility, adding capacity can be as simple as spinning up another virtual machine, with automated load balancing and failover.

NetMotion for Performance and Productivity

Focus on the Job, Not Managing Connections

Mobility provides an always-on, connected experience when the underlying connection has weak signal strength or disappears, and automatically switches to the best-available authorized connection. Spared from repeat logins, workers focus on the job and customers.

Use Any Application, Over Any Appropriate Network

If workers rely on rich-media and other bandwidth-intensive applications to do the job, network optimizations make voice-over-IP, streaming video, screen-sharing and conferencing usable over marginal network conditions.

Control and Manage the User Experience

Traffic-shaping gives priority to essential business applications within the tunnel so they have the bandwidth they need, whether using cellular, Wi-Fi or wired networks. Adaptive policies dynamically control device and network settings for users.

NetMotion for Simplified Management

Manage All Your Mobile Workers from a Single Console

Assign users to groups using Active Directory based on their organization role and need for mobile access and manage them within the Mobility console. Access status display, configuration settings and statistics, set rules for policy management, and limit access to corporate assets on a device-wide, per-network and per-application basis.

Support Multiple Platforms and Integrate with MDM

Accommodate all OS configurations with universal licensing for Android, Windows, iOS and Mac. Use popular MDM systems to manage the devices, while NetMotion Mobility® manages the connections. Native integration with Android for Work and Samsung KNOX allows you to tightly enforce security and mobile policies.

Export Data and Integrate with Other Management Systems

Integrate your support for mobile users with other tools you use within your IT environment. NetMotion supports export of console, NetMotion Diagnostics® and NetMotion Mobile IQ® data to widely used enterprise-intelligence reporting/analysis tools and dashboards such as BI systems or SIEM tools.

Need Enterprise Remote Access?

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