Introducing Operational Intelligence for Enterprise Mobility

Unsere Operational-Intelligence-Plattform für Unternehmensmobilität überwacht, warnt und ergreift proaktive Maßnahmen auf der Grundlage von Echtzeit- und Analysedaten, um die Leistung, Sichtbarkeit und Sicherheit Ihrer mobilen Mitarbeiter zu verbessern. ENTDECKEN SIE NETMOTION

NetMotion has applied the principles of operational intelligence to enterprise mobility. Enterprises can leverage the unique troves of data they collect including network and packet inspection, monitoring of user and application behavior and network performance.

Phil Hochmuth
Program Director, Enterprise Mobility, IDC

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Mobile Performance

Accelerate, optimize and secure all traffic to mobile devices across any network, application or operating system.

Operational Intelligence

Gain unprecedented visibility and control over users, networks, applications and devices using real-time data and analytics.

Security/Remote Access

Utilize a highly-flexible and programmable mobile VPN designed to secure enterprise applications and resources.

NetMotion Software’s Products and Solutions

Operational Intelligence for Enterprise Mobility

Monitor, alert and dynamically solve issues using real-time data and analytics on users, networks, applications and devices.

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Diagnostics – Wi-Fi & Cellular Network Troubleshooting

Discover the root cause of networking problems, from device to server, or across any private or public network.

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Mobility – VPN Security & Remote Access

Maintain secure, reliable connections and optimize performance through the most challenging wireless-network conditions.

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Mobile IQ – Data Visualization Dashboards

Gain visibility on networks, applications, devices and more through Mobile IQ’s dashboards.

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Unlock Business Insights with Mobile Operational Intelligence from NetMotion Software

Read IDC Report

IDC Report: Unlock Business Insights with Mobile Operational Intelligence from NetMotion Software