Frankfurt International Airport

Frankfurt International Airport, owned by Fraport AG, has more than 1,000 rugged laptops and tablets deployed. Hundreds of aircraft per day. Between 600 and 700 mobile workers on the job, roaming between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

The Challenge?

Prevent connectivity issues and achieve turnaround time of 45 minutes per aircraft—including passengers, baggage and cargo. At the busiest airport in Germany and the 12th busiest in the world.

“Since implementing NetMotion, we have gone to zero trouble tickets related to application crashes or connectivity issues.”

Fraport Solution Developer

Key Challenges

Applications running on mobile devices were unable to manage movement between networks: even the shortest interruption in a network session would cause applications to fail, forcing workers to re-log in and relaunch applications.

Overlapping wireless coverage areas occasionally caused devices to switch from one Wi-Fi network to another and caused applications to fail.

When Wi-Fi was unavailable, devices would switch to the cellular network. However, applications didn’t handle the change in network type smoothly and failed.

A wide variety of duties and devices: baggage handlers using tablets to manage luggage, cargo workers handling freight via tablets, security using laptops for monitoring, bus drivers using tablets for dispatch information and more.

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The Results

Fraport deployed NetMotion Software-Defined Mobility technology to enable seamless connectivity as workers went about their day.

Fraport’s IT department and mobile workers quickly realized the productivity benefits of uninterrupted connectivity to the airport’s wireless networks.
“From the user perspective, our goal was to make the rugged devices very easy to use,” says a Solution Developer Frontend Service for Fraport. “Our staff doesn’t need to be technology-savvy to stay connected and use our applications. The Toughbooks and Toughpads simply work now.”