Coweta County Sheriff's Department

“NetMotion has definitely made my job a lot easier…We’ve taken connectivity problems out of the equation.”

– Josh Chambers, Systems Analyst, Coweta County

The Situation

The Sheriff’s Office in Coweta County, Georgia is a full-service agency, providing law enforcement to all portions of the county not served by a municipal police department. To support their territory, the department had been long-time users of a VPN that began to break down after a routine series of upgrades.

The Challenge? With mobile agents serving 4 towns and cities, the department was struggling with a VPN that caused connectivity issues and cut off front-line personnel from mission-critical alerts. Thus, they needed a secure solution that could keep their police force connected on the road so that they were up-to-date on the latest alert messages.

Key Challenges


Every Monday, Deputies would line up outside of the IT Department to report connectivity issues, which created repetitive troubleshooting work for the IT team.


The VPN would freeze, which would stall the status indicator light in a connected state and mislead deputies who relied on this connection to run on-demand background and license checks.


Through each system update, vendor support was unable to offer a long-term compatibility solution, which meant that the same problems would reappear.


With computer systems constantly down and the IT team backed up, deputies were forgoing patrol time to wait for assistance in the parking lot. With less cars on the road, less work was getting done.

The Results

Coweta County deployed NetMotion Mobility to eliminate mobile connectivity issues, and quickly saw several productivity gains.

IT saved hours on installation by moving from a hardware VPN to NetMotion’s software solution, and provisioning new users with NetMotion’s lightweight client became as easy as entering their credentials, which enabled front-line personnel to get out on the road faster.

Most importantly, Mobile Performance Management offered a complete solution for optimizing mobile connectivity. NetMotion’s analytics features help the IT team understand mobile application and usage trends, which enable them to write policies that steer user experiences based on network type, traffic load, and other mobile metrics.

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