Allina Health

To speed time to treatment, Allina Health wanted to extend electronic medical record (EMR) access to EMTs in the field so they could enter vital information and give ER personnel more time to prepare.

“Before Mobility we were facing 90 plus trouble tickets a month. At the end of six months, we were down to almost nothing.”

Clyde Daisley, Systems Engineer, Allina Health

Key Challenges

Spotty coverage across the Twin Cities area meant that EMTs would need a way to stay logged in during network switches and coverage gaps.

High availability to ensure critical medical information arrives to the ER quickly and seamlessly.

Simplifying and streamlining connectivity management for the entire fleet: 64 ambulances with two laptops in each.

Compliance with HIPAA privacy and security rules.

The Results

Allina Health deployed NetMotion to enable persistent connectivity for EMTs in the field. By shielding users from network gaps and switches, they avoid the need to re-login into the system.

EMTs are now able to easily access medical records from anywhere in Allina Health’s service area, and enter information to help the ER better prepare for treatment. A three-server setup with automated load balancing and failover ensures always-on availability.

Plus, on the IT side, policy-based management and features such as split-tunneling for critical/non-critical Internet traffic enable a seamless and smooth user experience—all with less effort required from IT staff. Key features such as the ability to disconnect or quarantine a stolen device ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations were also enabled.