Last month we announced a slew of new features. So many, in fact, that some of them may have been lost in the cacophony that surrounded the headline launch of Reputation, our new service that shines more light on usage insights and potential risks in your mobile fleet.

To make sure the smaller (but still important) upgrades get the attention they deserve, earlier this month we published an article that described the helpful new updates designed to ease deployment of NetMotion; that included MobileIron OTA as well as the ability to configure file-based per-app VPNs.

There are a few more snippets of functionality that are worth detailing and inspecting in more detail, all engineered around the concept of improved user management.

Unified User Credentials in Azure

Active Directory has been an integral IT component for countless organization for years, and for many, Azure is quickly becoming similarly important. For customers who have authentication services in Azure AD and use Active Directory domain controllers, NetMotion Mobility now accepts credentials formatted for Azure AD.

That means that all of the following will successfully authenticate the same person:

  • A user’s SAM logon (DOMAIN\samAccountName)
  • A user’s implicit UPN (samAccountName@DOMAIN.FQDN.COM),
  • A user’s explicit UPN (upnUser@upnSuffix)

This should make Azure AD user management that little bit simpler.

More Manageable Bluetooth Names for Android

Somewhat irritatingly, by default Android issues long, unserviceable device names partially comprised of pseudo-random characters. On some devices, the default name is not even editable. The latest NetMotion updates allow organizations to use the Bluetooth connection name to identify their devices in the Mobility, Diagnostics, and Mobile IQ products to help organizations more clearly identify their fleet of Android devices.

User Management Enhancements: Android Bluetooth Naming | NetMotion Software

These updates were included as part of the latest NetMotion release, available to all customers in April 2019. For more information on Reputation and the extended deployment options, check out Introducing NetMotion: Reputation and Product Update: Deployment Enhancements.

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