Since our founding in 2001, NetMotion’s focus has always been to deliver “must have” mobile solutions for our customers. This has meant ensuring that customer feedback and needs can be translated into new features and capabilities. So, what have our customers been telling us? Read on to find out how our customers see the changing landscape of enterprise mobility and how this ultimately became the “Aware” update.

Security is Getting More Serious and More Complex

Do you know what networks your mobile workers are really connected to and whether those networks are safe? Your workers spend the majority, if not the entirety, of their day in the field. This means while they travel from place to place they’ll likely connect to a patchwork of networks, including public Wi-Fi and cellular. How do you know whether these networks are truly safe? Compounding this issue, do you know what domains your users (or inadvertently their applications) are connecting to? One of the greatest security risks is users accidently clicking on a link or connecting to an insecure network or domain. Security is complex and in that complexity your users, and ultimately internal network, is at risk.

In our Aware update, we have solved these security concerns head on – visibility and control of web access is now available on any device, on any network.

Aware Update: Visibility into All Networks Users Connect to or Access | NetMotion Software
Visibility into All Networks Users Connect to or Access

Why this Update is so Powerful

If a user connects to an unsecure Wi-Fi network, you can now take advantage of tools that that automatically enable encryption. You can even block or limit access to certain apps or domains based purely on the type of connection the device is using – maybe Salesforce is fine over corporate Wi-Fi but not over a public one. These granular policy controls over domain access can be combined in all kinds of ways, such as limiting excessive data usage (no YouTube over 4G), to implement acceptable use policies (no Facebook during work hours) or even to prevent shadow IT (no Dropbox access in the browser).

In short, this update lets you enforce security and compliance policies for any network – even those you don’t own or control.

Aware Update: Identify Risky Networks & Security Compliance Concerns in Real-Time | NetMotion Software
Identify Risky Networks & Security Compliance Concerns in Real-Time Using Domain Locations & IP Addresses

Mobile Workers will Continue using a Mix of Devices

Who doesn’t carry two to three devices with them these days? The reality is that users will use whichever device is the most convenient at that moment. This probably means a smartphone when they are standing in line, a tablet on a flight and laptop when they are sitting at the hotel. The inherent security risk in this equation is that each device has its own security capabilities – and weaknesses. While Windows devices are typically easier to lockdown, iOS has always been more challenging for enterprise control. So security standardization for companies using a mix of Android, iOS and Windows has always been a challenge. The Aware release changes this and finally brings security parity across all OS platforms.

Now you can manage and control what applications users access, networks they connect to, and ultimately how they use their mobile device – regardless of OS.

Aware Update: IT Control Over User Application & Access on iOS Devices | NetMotion Software
An Industry First: IT Control Over User Application & Access on iOS Devices

Multi-factor Authentication Makes it Simple

Passwords are slowly becoming replaced or augmented by other ways of authenticating a user. For organizations where workers are in cold or challenging environments, for example, having to always take off gloves to type in passwords can be both frustrating and negatively impact productivity. Biometric authentication enhancements added in the Aware update, create new options for increased user and device security.

Aware Update: Multi-factor Authentication on iOS | NetMotion Software
Multi-factor Authentication on iOS

More Visibility and Control

At its core, the “Aware” update is all about adding visibility and control for IT Operations, in places they have never been available before. These new features and capabilities gather and present information in a tangible way that gives IT teams greater control and flexibility in managing their mobile devices, wherever they may be. With thousands of enterprises around the world and over a million users depending on our software every day, we’re excited to bring these new features to market and continue meeting the needs of our customers.


Official Product Documentation

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