Here’s what happens in the typical process of IT purchasing a new product: A conversation with a representative goes really well; the demo and sales pitch sound like the product is exactly what you need to solve the problems that you’re currently facing. You eventually agree on a price at the volume you need and work with procurement to get the deal done. Now it comes to actually getting the product implemented.

For mobile technologies in particular, this stage can prove to be a real headache. Even corporate-owned devices can be a hassle to configure and the process often requires physically recalling them to set up new tools. Thankfully, the advent of UEM (EMM) has made this task easier, but it’s still somewhat common to see major investments undermined by a failure to deploy them successfully.

It’s for these reasons that NetMotion takes deployment extremely seriously. Whether you’re using SCCM, Big Fix, VMware, MaaS360 or any number of management tools, NetMotion solutions are designed with simple implementation in mind. And with our latest product update, we’ve made it even easier.

Simple Just Got Simpler

We want our customers to get value from NetMotion as soon as possible, so integrations with the leading UEM platforms are crucial to getting fleet-wide deployment with a fast turnaround. In fact, NetMotion is already available (included in the drop-down menu) in tools like SOTI and AirWatch, and desktop-based products like SCCM can also be used.

Mo’ MobileIron

MobileIron is one of the foremost UEM solutions on the market, once again declared a Leader in Gartner’s most recent Magic Quadrant on the space. We’ve partnered with MobileIron to provide NetMotion customers with a streamlined method of deployment for the Mobility application.

NetMotion Mobility 11.7 can now be deployed to thousands of devices in a heartbeat directly from the MobileIron console. Crucially, this deployment requires no interaction from the end user whatsoever – the entire process happens over the air (OTA).

Configuration Per-app, Perhaps

Not every organization is using a UEM platform. That might be because they’re too small, or the nature of their mobile use-case isn’t appropriate for a full UEM investment. At NetMotion, we make sure implementation is the best it can be, regardless of the unique technology stack. That’s why the latest version of Mobility also includes an update that allows for file-based per-app VPN configuration. This works by using a simple-to-distribute text file that does not require an Android Enterprise-capable UEM platform. This approach is ideal for smaller organizations to distribute or modify their per-app VPN settings using SMS, email and other file-transfer mechanisms without a full-featured solution such as MobileIron.

These features hopefully make life a little easier for NetMotion admins, getting to the ROI faster than ever before – improving connectivity, securing devices and getting unprecedented visibility and control of your mobile fleet. Both of these features are included in Mobility 11.7, which is available today.

This anticipated product update centers on the launch of Reputation, a brand new way to get rich insights on the real-time web activity of your mobile devices – on any network, at any time. Read more about the powerful new security and usage information available in Reputation.