You might have seen the news that I have joined the team here at NetMotion, something I’m personally very excited about.

It might be a strangely dark way to think about things, but we only get a short few decades to decide what it is we want to do with our careers. I believe that this fact makes it extra important that we spend those years as passionately and enthusiastically as we possibly can. I felt confident that becoming part of NetMotion would absolutely meet that goal – especially as this is a role that also brings the change of predominantly working on a new continent.

When the opportunity first presented itself to join the NetMotion team I was certainly interested, but the more I discovered about the company, the more I liked the idea. Leaving Wandera – a great company in its own right – was never going to be easy, so it had to be something very special to get my attention.

I’m pleased to say, particularly now that I’m more familiar with it, that NetMotion truly is something special. It’s a company with almost two decades of heritage and many of those working here today have been around since the start. That’s a testament not just to the collaborative and welcoming culture, but to a technology company that cares about its people as well as its products.

Every encounter I’ve had so far with customers has been a reassuring experience: the typical NetMotion customer genuinely seems to love the technology. I’ve already heard the phrase ‘it just works’ many times. The last thing you want as a marketer is to be polishing… well, something not so great, so I’m looking forward to working on something that’s already so well loved.

The trouble with doing lots of things very well is that sometimes it can make it rather difficult to describe what it is you do. How do Microsoft eloquently explain their overall offering when they have Skype, Xbox and Office365 to think about? At NetMotion we’re not quite at that level (yet!) but finding a way to articulate and present the various powers we have is something I’ve already started thinking about.

I’ve also noticed that NetMotion has an incredibly strong reputation in certain segments, such as healthcare, policing and public safety; principally in the US but also elsewhere. There’s real momentum in these spaces – learn about our support for FirstNet for recent evidence. Yet I see bags of potential beyond that too. Some of the work being done outside those markets is remarkable. I’ve been learning about the likes of Frankfurt Airport and Yorkshire Water, who have been using NetMotion to power ambitious and innovative mobility projects well beyond what the technology is traditionally known for.

Interest has been mounting in pretty much every corner of the planet and across practically every industry vertical, so while there’s undoubtedly plenty of potential to unlock, there’s also plenty of work to be done too. So, on that note, I should stop spending any more time writing about my arrival here, and start spending some time working out how we do that.

Let’s Talk

If you’re a current NetMotion customer, or simply just someone with an interest in our space, I’d love to hear from you. I believe in transparency and in listening to the people that matter, so if you have any suggestions or if there’s anything you think I can do for you in my new role, please do let me know.

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