NetMotion Software is dedicated to developing the next generation of industry professionals and, to that end, we have partnered with the Foster School of Business at University of Washington to offer internships to high-potential students. In Q2 2019, we were fortunate to have Whitney Hoglund join the team; this is her story.

It has been a little over two months that I’ve been an intern at NetMotion Software. But how did I get here? Well, as a senior at the University of Washington in the Foster Professional Sales Program, we are required to complete a 10-week internship for school credit. UW has partnered with several prestigious companies around the Seattle area for this reason; and this is how I found NetMotion.

Whitney Hoglund | NetMotion SoftwareFrom the moment I first started speaking with Human Resources, I knew I had found a group of hardworking, genuine people. Though I was not familiar with the products prior to interviewing, I was excited to learn more. Everyone at NetMotion was extremely helpful in teaching me about Mobility, Diagnostics, Mobile IQ, and other industry products. And my fear of entering the technology industry without much knowledge was easily put to rest at the very beginning of my internship.

After interviewing at several companies (and receiving more than one offer), I had to decide where I wanted to intern. But ultimately, it wasn’t that difficult of a decision. At NetMotion, I had a unique experience of interviewing with four different people, which gave me a clear glimpse into the different teams and the overall culture of the company. And I liked what I saw! The people were one of the biggest contributing factors as to why I chose NetMotion, but the Bagel Fridays, office dogs, and beautiful views of South Lake Union didn’t hurt either.

On top of that, I was impressed with the way employees talk about NetMotion’s products: everyone truly believes in them. And rightfully so. All the different departments within NetMotion are passionate about how the products solve real problems.

Interning at an amazing company like NetMotion was a great opportunity. The smaller size gave me access to numerous resources and the projects I worked on had a real impact (that I was able to see). It is great to be in an environment where everyone is friendly and always willing to help. Starting my internship was easy, but the transition of leaving will not be as easy, as I will miss my time here at NetMotion.

Connect with Whitney on LinkedIn to see where she goes next.

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