Adaptive Policies

With Adaptive Policies from NetMotion Software, enterprises can fine tune the mobile user experience using intelligent controls.

Fine Tune the
Mobile Experience

Customize mobile users experience for peak performance.

Prioritize application access based on custom parameters.

Build network-aware policies that adapt to the ever-changing network conditions of mobile users.

Improve Application

QoS (Quality of Service) controls allow you to prioritize business-critical applications based on network constraints.

Control application access and usage to prevent users from impairing their device or available bandwidth.

Lower the Burden of

Block individual applications, allow access only on specific networks or under specific conditions, or restrict specific types of data flows to ensure performance on low-bandwidth networks. Incur fewer data charges and don’t be held back by applications not designed for intermittent or low signal areas.

Policies to Manage Mobile Performance

Split Tunneling

Move all corporate business applications through a secure tunnel to enable BYOD programs with the assurance of corporate safety and employee privacy.

Diagnostics Integration

Write policies that automatically launch diagnostics tools to detect the root cause connectivity issues when a device is having trouble.

Device Quarantining

Use policies to quarantine a device when it is lost or stolen to prevent it from being used to access the corporate network.