Evaluating VPNs for the Modern Workforce:
White Paper

“65% of enterprises see a reduction in productivity due to poor network access”

– World Business Research, 2016 Enterprise Mobility Survey

Organizations large and small are grappling with ways to simplify their IT infrastructure while providing the latest technology for their enterprise. One way many companies achieve this is by consolidating their VPN approach. Doing this reduces the burden of technical management, lowers operational and capital costs and simplifies end-user access to applications and resources. And, with today’s employees wanting greater flexibility both in devices (Android, iOS, Mac and Windows) and workstyles (office and remote), now is the right time to ensure your organization’s VPN meets everyone’s needs.

group-shot-02-lgGet a copy of our latest white paper “Comparing, Contrasting and Consolidating Enterprise VPNs”. In it you’ll find a handy comparison between traditional VPN technologies (SSL & IPSec) versus mobile enterprise VPNs. The white paper contrasts VPNs styles and weighs each based on cost, performance and productivity considerations.

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